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Cognoscenti claim it returned to form in 2019. I won't say scent wearers find this aroma very pleasing, however, your entourage will respect anyone who wears it unconditionally. The forest fire raged and ravaged the lush green forest here, stealing all life and leaving nothing but scorched soil and dust. Cypress tree corpses systemically dismembered, and dismantled in the rampage where only roots are left behind, smoking embers as far as the eye can see. There’s just bare earth, a slow decay of vegetation and dirty vetiver roots now holding integrity of this desolation together. And from this darkness will be a bold new future, a reset, a rebirth. A man emerges from the embers, bold and unafraid to stand up in amidst the darkness.

More of a purgatory than it is hell, but definitely not heaven. And even with what little sweetness it does have to prevent it from being grotesqe, it still manages to be unsettling.
It is slightly rugged by the wooden cap addition, which compliments the gloss of the dark tinted glass. The downside is that it's difficult to see how much one has left. There is some cypress but it feels like it is smothered in something; I think it's the musk that does that, or the combination of the musk and cashmere wood. There is a distinct smell of pencil shavings in the opening hour or so. There's a sweetness from somewhere but I can't understand quite where given the notes. It feels a little heavy and oppressive to me. On its own, it's an ultra dark, sharp vetiver with some cypress thrown in, and opens up with a strong minty/mentholated touch that breathes some life into the scent.

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Encre Noire is an odd fragrance that I like. My nose picks up primarily the vetiver and the cashmere wood.
Somehow it manages to be quite clingy and nauseating for me. Not a scent for long indoor-stays and also not realy suitable for the warmer days. There are however times I realy enjoyed and liked Encre Noir espacially on the very cold and harsh days it's unique charme is pleasing. best blind buy i've made yet (and at $30 for 100ml, incredibly worth it!) this smells IDENTICAL to an autumn forest after rain on the opening.

I’m getting a hint of smoky vetiver which I like but it’s just not performing well in terms of strength and longevity. Now I noticed this morning there are a couple of reviews in the summer of purchases from Notino where the formulation was described as weak. My purchase was also from Notino but I’m not 100% sure it’s the fragrance alone, more how it just reacts on me. Not for everyone to wear but for everybody to enjoy! Bruce Wayne type of a guy, Batman type of personality. This wonderful scent is not for everyone and not for every ocassion either, not a blind buy too.
I loved it at first sniff and love it even more now. I would have bought a back up bottle but I didn't because it's so readily available. If Lalique wanted to, it could have sold this entire line above $100. But, they hit the budget bin pretty soon. This is niche level juice in designer realm. When I got this, I bought it as a church scent. Now, it has become my stay-at-home fragrance.

I gave it only a very quick smell, but thought it was pretty. I'm fairly sure it is actually a 2003 limited edition that they've brought back for Neiman Marcus. I have a long line of friends and relatives who love my rejects. I love Hiris because it's sharp, metallic and bitter.
Dark and lifeless, reminds of a white floral at times, suprisingly people love to smell this especially during winter, goes great with a full black outfit. Not my note, but it's a good quality one, tart, woody, realistic.

I often regret that Encre Noire wasn't created in the 80s, when it would have had better ingredients and been a fabulous trip every day it was worn. It needs to be much stronger, IMO, and have some flyaway notes that thrill. Remember Fahrenheit's petroleum note under your shirt in the late 80s? Well, petroleum IS natural - ancient bio matter! The petrol in today's Fahrenheit is sharp and thin.
This woman has a Vetiver Expertise and next I am hoping for vetiver in outer space. The parfum version, unfortunately, smelled sour on me. The citrus in the EDT is an effervescent one, but in the parfum it is more like the smell of the rind, and the woods are heavier. I should smell it for myself to look for the inky note . I find the smell of ink strangely comforting and I enjoy grinding an inkstick against an inkstone time to time – it’s almost meditative. I will definitely add vetiver to the series.
Sillage is milder, but so is longevity. Still, it is not a scent to guarantee compliments along the way, and requires a little more discernment on when and where to wear. This molecule is present in high doses in Extreme and gives it that recognizable woody sharp aroma.

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