The game have multiple characters to choose from Lily, Sarah and Audrey . All the 3 dolls loves fashion, you can style each character as an actress, movie star, a superstar, celebrity model, or just a cute shopaholic girl. High School Love couple game is what you looking for ;) this game is made for fashion lovers specially for fashionista girls. E… Read More

The purpose of the Chesapeake Environmental Improvement Council shall be to promote interest in improving the environment of Chesapeake, Virginia thereby making Chesapeake a greener, cleaner and healthier city in which to live, work and visit. The CEIC will accomplish its purpose through outreach, education, and volunteer efforts to include litter … Read More

A good option is just to cut off a 2″ length from selvedge to selvedge on 60″ wide knit fabric, if you have it. A baby rib (1×1) will work, but will be harder to keep from stretching as FOREST you sew. Slip this lightweight tie dye cotton jersey tank dress on and done. High-tops or espadrilles – this style looks good with all. So, when I buy… Read More

The apartment itself is situated in the housing estate ''Alanya Sea View'' , which is in a peaceful and quite location. A Turkish resort for those looking for something more than just sun sea and sand, and great selection of properties. Ideal mix of great weather, beautiful beaches and spectacular and luxurious selection of properties. Popular holi… Read More

​If you have an old fuse box in Cardiff, the chances are that they are not providing you with the level of protection you think they are. RCD's offer alot more protection by not just protecting you against a live to earth fault or live to neutral fault but also against the deadly neutral to earth faults. Our electricians are happy to carry out an… Read More