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The company’s managing director comes with 16 years' experience in the asbestos industry. Having worked at three of the UK’s largest asbestos contractors, he started out as a removal operative working his way up the ranks before spending 7 further years increasing his expertise in the field as a senior contract's manager. Removal, disposal, and encapsulation of asbestos in Leeds are some of the services Affordable Asbestos Removal Leeds provide. Affordable Asbestos Removal Leeds carry out asbestos Removal in residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout The Leylands, Steander, and Bagby Fields.
As part of your ongoing asbestos management, information including your asbestos records and drawings should be regularly reviewed and as a minimum every 12 months. This survey will often involve minor intrusive work and some disturbance, including the collection of suspect asbestos samples. This survey is not adequate if you are planning any intrusive or destructive refurbishment or upgrades which can include major maintenance works.

A PlantiES were appointed to undertake the controlled removal of asbestos thermal insulation to boilers, pipework and the complete removal of residual insulation to walls. Peel HoldingsWe were appointed to undertake a large-scale site clearance of hazardous materials from this former car warehouse/showroom premises. Air monitoring may also be required for reassurance purposes where intrusive surveys have been completed and the areas are to be reoccupied following the survey.
Because of the instructive nature of these surveys, we must use intrusive surveying techniques to open elements of the building to inspect for suspect asbestos materials. All asbestos containing materials in Yorkshire must be removed and disposed of in accordance with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006. The easiest way to ensure that asbestos materials are removed and disposed of safely is to use a contractor that is licensed by the Health & Safety Executive. Alchemy Environmental are a licensed HSE approved contractor and hold a full 3 year licence.

The survey will help determine the best treatment for the asbestos-containing material, including removal, encapsulation, or leaving them in place. Any of these decisions will primarily be influenced by whether the asbestos-containing materials will potentially be disturbed or damaged during normal occupancy, and whether there is any risk to the occupants of the building. With our wealth of experience and expertise you’re in safe hands when it comes to asbestos surveys in Leeds. June 10, 2020 Last Updated on January 17, 2021 by neilhardy Do I need training for asbestos removal work?
It’s a legal requirement that you have an asbestos refurbishment or demolition survey carried out beforeany work commences on site so as not to put workers and the general public at risk of asbestos exposure. Additionally, twice a month we hold a specific in-house course for combined asbestos awareness and works with non licensed asbestos training, both refresher and full courses. For larger groups of people, there will be a group discount for the full asbestos awareness and works with non licensed asbestos training, so please contact us for a fixed price. If you suspect there are asbestos-containing materials (ACM's) in your commercial or residential property, we recommend arranging for an appropriate asbestos survey to be carried out. The unique solution we developed for the safe removal of asbestos containing materials from within one of Great Western Railways vast 192m HST maintenance depots in Penzance. Has the possible presence of asbestos in your home or building have you worried about your health?
Oracle Solutions asbestos air monitoring analysts are constantly analysing and testing air samples. It is something that can be done for an asbestos survey, an asbestos waste removal project, or to provide you with peace of mind if you feel you are within an asbestos risk at one of your premises. We know how busy Leeds can be, and because of this, we are the most knowledgeable on what it is you require and what type of air test you need for any of your sites. Oracle Solutions have been operating as a company for more than 10 years and can say that there are very few places that we have not been to carry out an asbestos air test throughout Leeds. DES Holdings are established demolition, asbestos, build, and development contractors with over 30 years of experience and an abundance of industry knowledge. We provide professional, competitive, and cost-effective solutions to your projects.

Total Demolition is highly experienced in working efficiently and cohesively around other trades and residents, ensuring minimal disruption to your project time frame. It often involves working in densely-populated environments and restricted work areas alongside operating businesses and the general public. This survey is significant because it establishes what kind of Asbestos materials need to be dealt with, the state of the materials that contain it, and how much of it there is. An intensive examination of the premises will then highlight the data especially regarding the danger levels present.
As a part of the service we provide, we can offer first-classlab testingof potential asbestos containing materials. It is not always possible with the naked eye whether asbestos is present or not. To do so, we can safely take a sample of the material so that it can be sent away to a UKAS accredited asbestos removal leeds lab for testing. Commercial and industrial property owners are required to create an asbestos management plan – an asbestos survey from Crucial Environmental provides you with all of the details you need. It is vital that the survey is carried out by highly skilled and experienced staff.

Grimston have over 60 years experience in the Leeds area and have thousands of satisfied customers. We are fully UKATA registered asbestos removal specialists and offer free surveys for asbestos removal and disposal throughout West Yorkshire. Our asbestos management surveys can be used to create an asbestos management plan.

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